About Peak Prep

Peak Prep was proudly created by me, a parent, with collaborative help and brilliant advice from primary teachers, secondary teachers and private tutors. 

When it came to helping my child prepare for the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, I felt helpless and anxious.  Even after subscribing to several popular and acclaimed websites, I never found a single site that provided everything in one place. 

I needed: 

  • a website tailored specifically to ISEB Common Pre-Test preparation, nothing else
  • a website that didn’t take me hours to understand and navigate  
  • a website that would create a revision roadmap for my child to follow independently, and included unlimited mock tests to familiarise with
  • a website that made sure they revised the whole of Y5 / early Y6 curriculum over the months before the exams, but switched to a quick re-cap of every topic in the weeks before them
  • a website that levelled the playing field, making sure my child was just as prepared as those at the feeder schools
  • a website that focused on my needs, rather than their revenue goals

In the end I gave up looking for one and created it myself. Peak Prep is the result.  

Inspired by excellent content gathered from sources across the web, as well as books and worksheets, my team of educators and I work hard to create a continually growing database of thousands of unique questions, that not only comprehensively covers the ISEB Common Pre-Test curriculum, but will also keep challenging your child through the preparation process.

I hope that our hard work creates an easier ride for you.  Thanks for being here.

Fiona Rugg, Creator of Peak Prep