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What people are saying about Peak Prep…

Mirroring the ISEB Pre-Test format, the adaptive questions constantly move the Pupil forward. I certainly recommend.

Zak Verry

Teacher, QEH

A brilliant, well-thought-through resource. Best part was the unlimited mock tests that really help get children ready for the pre-tests.

Mike Britton


Thought the Peak Prep website was great, wish we had done it sooner!



As a parent I preferred Peak Prep to Atom Learning in regards to how it didn’t have pictures and drawings. I think it had a more of an exam feel.



It was terrific to see our son’s confidence grow as he used Peak Prep and we were delighted when Eton invited him for interview.

Helen Henderson


Comprehensive Curriculum Coverage

A one-stop shop for comprehensive preparation:

    • Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
    • Multiple-choice questions.
    • Useful Spelling and Times Tables practice.

A Revision Roadmap Made For You

We custom-make a thorough revision plan for your child based on how much time they have before their Pre-Tests:

You tell us how many minutes per day you want your child to revise for, and how many days per week. We then create a Revision Roadmap which makes the most of the time your child has.

      • In the months leading up the exams, the entire curriculum is thoroughly revised during their Daily Practice sessions. No need to keep track of the curriculum covered, we do that for you and send the information to your parents dashboard.
      • Once there are less than twelve hours of Peak Prep revision to go until the exams, the Daily Practice sessions switch to a brief re-cap of every topic, meaning the child is reminded of all the basics right before sitting the exams.
      • Unlimited Mock Tests are available throughout their revision journey, so that the child can practise under pressure.
      • The more time we have with your child the better, but our system works whether you subscribe one month or twelve months before the exams.

A Confidence-Building Method

    • Positive and encouraging feedback throughout.
    • Content helpfully limited to Y5 and early Y6 only, in line with the ISEB Common Pre-Tests.
    • Like the Common Pre-Tests, our questions constantly adapt to the progress of the child in order to increase proficiency without denting confidence.

ISEB Pre-Test Familiarisation through Repetition

Created to reflect the ISEB Common Pre-Tests in content, difficulty level and format, thus providing the ultimate familiarisation tool.

Home-Based, with optional teacher or tutor collaboration

Peak Prep is designed to be done at home, using a computer connected to the internet. We’ve made sure it’s very easy to invite teachers or tutors to share in your child’s progress.
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