A little more about our unique features:

Pre-Test Content only
Peak Prep is Pre-Test specific. We just do one thing: help your child become Pre-Test ready. As such, we only cover work done in Y5 and early Y6 – just like the Pre-Tests.  We don’t think children should be anxiously working beyond what they’ve learnt at school, or beyond what will appear in the Pre-Tests. Whilst the questions constantly adapt to be more challenging for confident users, they don’t go further than the Pre-Tests do.


A Customised Revision Plan
This is a specific and comprehensive work plan, which fits into revision parameters set by the parent at sign-up, (how much time your child revises for, how often, and how long until the Pre-Tests).  We ensure your child covers all four subjects, and all topics within those subjects, (meaning they can’t just practice their favourite subject). We firmly believe in raising the child’s performance level across the board, rather than the common practice of narrowing the focus to their weaker areas. Busy parents want to know their child is being prepared for the tests, without having to direct each session, or work out which areas need more attention. That is exactly why we designed the revision plan like we did, so your child can get on with revising independently, and you can rest assured that they are covering what they need to.


Optional Private Tutor collaboration within the platform
This means that if your child has a teacher or tutor who wants to be involved in the preparation journey, then it is easy to invite them. Tutors can see the work done by the student, access reports and analysis or mock test & practice results, and can message with parent/child from within Peak Prep in order to give useful pointers, or set work.  Peak Prep works brilliantly as a stand-alone preparation tool, but we’ve made it very easy to involve others should you wish to do so.


Pre-Test Specific Formatting In Everything
Whatever your child is doing, whether spelling practice, times tables, topic-specific questions or their daily practice, they are constantly familiarising with the ISEB Pre-Test format, and therefore gaining confidence in how to transfer their knowledge into that format.


Mock Tests
These are a great way for a child to get used to the exam setting, that’s why we include an unlimited number, even in our free trial. Once completed, the mock tests remain, for reference, in the parent and child dashboards forever. Children get used to monitoring their progress through the questions in a timed environment, which means they engage in the real thing with calm confidence.